6 Rules to College Textbook Rental You Need To Know

Book rental is a great way to get cheap textbooks if you follow a few basic rules. These 6 rules for college textbook rental can make a big difference in your book rental experience.

6 College Textbook Rental Rules

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  1. Most important – Do not lose your book. If your book gets lost or stolen you will find yourself paying both the rental and the replacement list price. Use care and guard your books like gold.
  2. Do not return it late – If the college book rental site can not re-rent the book the rental company loses big time and their late fees can get very expensive. Before renting verify the rental terms including when the book must be returned. Don’t find you picked too short of a rental term and are needing to return the book rental before finals.
  3. Compare prices – There are over a dozen big name textbook rental sites offering rentals be sure to compare the prices and shipping to locate the best textbook rental sites. A price comparison tool like the Search Books button on this page makes the job easier finding cheap textbook rentals by ISBN. Again, pay attention to the rental term that meets your needs and the rates for different rental periods.
  4. Supplements – Find out if Supplements such as DVD ROMs, Study Guides, Access Codes, etc. are included with any rental and if you are allowed to use/install these supplements.
  5. Keep the box – Most college textbook rental companies require you return the book in its original shipping container so keep the box and the return shipping label for free shipping. If you lose the return label most sites will let your reprint it from their website.
  6. Read the terms & conditions – Do not just check the box that says you read it, Read IT! This is a 4 month contract that covers what the student renter can and CAN NOT do with the textbook. Know the limitations and requirements before you click the “Rent Book” button.
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