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In the past the choices for buying textbooks was new or used from the local bookstore.  Today textbooks are available as new, used, rental and eBook from a growing number of online sites. “What use to be an easy task of visiting a couple of websites has broadened out to require students to visit over a few dozen sites for used textbooks and then to visit just as many for rental textbooks”; says Bob Jones, founder of  “Students seeking the lowest price on a textbook have so many online sites to visit that the task becomes very time consuming. Students who do not compare prices will find themselves overpaying for their textbooks simply because they did not find the lowest source.”

Smart students are responding to the complex online textbook market for cheap books by using a price comparison tool. reported a 300% increase in orders placed through the site compared to last years orders. The site was recently expanded with the addition of more textbook rental, eBook and used textbook sellers’ information. This permits students to see the cheapest new, used, eBook, rental and even international version prices in a single report, simplifying the process to compare prices.   These changes provide students the information they need to shop for textbooks earlier, students will have time to shop around for cheap books and compare prices.

Another change reported is that for the first time a textbook rental company has become one of the top five low price sites based on total order volume.  “With the popularity of textbook rentals, I was not surprised to see a textbook rental site among the leaders. What did surprise me was it was not the rental company receiving all the press but another site that was winning customers with even lower prices for textbook rentals”.  “Without our textbook price comparison service students would probably not have known about the lower rental rates offered by this alternate site.”  

The site also helps students with the decision on whether renting books is cheaper than buying used and reselling textbooks. Students can quickly use the cheap textbook price comparison tool located on the top of this post.

The ability display the cheapest rental, used, new and other book prices in an easy to compare report that includes shipping costs makes the students job of shopping for textbooks easier and less costly.

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